Culture Doll 

Channel 7 Masani Rose

Handmade from re-purposed

gloves, adorned with re-used textiles, vintage beads,

shells, bells, and gemstones, draped in re-cycled African print fabrics,

filled with 100% Organic Love for a

one of a kind up-cycled work of art!


The perfect culturally inspired gift for the eco-conscious.


Culture Dolls make great additions to any doll collection!

But did you know, they also serve as great visual aid props for Focused Meditation and Breath-work Therapy. Perfect for all your birthing, lamaze, lactation, mindfulness, and manifestation sessions! Suitable for ages 6 - 100!

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OWNER, Culture Doll


"My ART is a reflection of the images  I wish I saw more of when I was a little girl and the culture I love and embrace today! 


  Culture Doll Boutique celebrates our 


Heritage & Culture

"To go back and fetch the wisdom of our past brings transformation and healing! 
It is not taboo."


Culture Doll operates

in the spirit of

our purpose
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Culture Doll Ambassadors for a

...BeYOUtiful EARTH... 

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upcycle enthusiast

Be'YOU'tiful EARTH Ambassador

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© 2020 CultureDoll by Rose Phatma Kongolizamawi

A Canimals! Feature Artist

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"BeYOUtiful eARTh Creations!"         

Harvest Stones

These gemstone bracelets are made from recycled teak wood beads, tigers eye, carnelian, smokey quartz, golden seed bead, and African jasper stones.