Handmade from re-purposed 

gloves, adorned with re-used textiles, vintage beads, 

shells, bells, and gemstones, draped in re-cycled African print fabrics, 

filled with 100% Organic Love for a 

one of a kind up-cycled work of art!


The perfect culturally inspired gift for the eco-conscious.

Culture Doll ~ Nana

  • These dolls are Fine Art creations. Made for display in Heritage Cabinets, Family and Ancestral Sacred Altars, and anywhere fine art is respectfully displayed.

© 2020 Canimals! handcrafted sculpture by Shumba Masani   

made from soda cans, beer cans, any kind of can!

www.getcanimals.com   E: manathomasani@hotmail.com  IG: follow @giraffe_maker

"Canimals! They're Can-tastic!"         





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