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All CANIMALS! handcrafted sculptures™ are born from recycled cans and wire. We are playing our role in sustaining the earth's balance. CANIMALS! handcrafted sculptures™ entire showcase is







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 Shumba Masani


handcrafted sculpture

will be on display and  perfoming live this Saturday and Sunday at Eastern Market, corner of 7th and C Street SE WDC, 20003 from

9 am to 5 pm.







 reuse.   recycle.   upcycle.

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Did You Know?


In Zimbabwe the Giraffe goes by the name Twiza (twee'zah) which means "He who grazes from the Heavens". The giraffe is the tallest of all mammals with heads that can tower 20 feet! Their long necks and keen eyesight are powerful symbols for seeing what lies ahead. Their horns, especially the third horn or hump which is located in the same place as the third eye in humans; further establishes giraffes as animals who make wonderful totems that represent higher intuitive functioning. The giraffe makes no sound other than an occasional snort, which can be seen as them being in constant meditation. Most of its communication occurs through body language. If a giraffe has trotted into your life, it may be time to hone your intuitive skills and listen for messages that may come in various ways. The long thin legs of the giraffe represent balance and an ability to progress. When running, their legs and neck work together, reminding us of the importance of seeing into the future and how we must allow ourselves to move towards it. Those long legs make it difficult to drink water so giraffes have developed the ability to go several weeks without it, symbolozing endurance and adaptibility. If a giraffe has come to you it may be an opportunity to examine your perceptions... How far into the future are you seeing and how do you see yourself moving towards it? How and what are you communicating to others? Are you tuned into your environment? Are you adapting accordingly?

May the giraffe inspire you to reflect and answer some of these questions for yourself.




"they're cantastic"

Visit us @ the D.C.

 Eastern Market on capitol hill!


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© 2020 Canimals! handcrafted sculpture by Shumba Masani   

made from soda cans, beer cans, any kind of can!   E:  IG: follow @giraffe_maker

"Canimals! They're Can-tastic!"         





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