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House of Masani - Suli

"Curating the Art of Atmosphere"

Offering quality luxury fragrance oils and incense since 1986. We help you transform your atmosphere into a beautiful sanctuary with the use of natural oils, florals, aloeswoods, herbs, and resins.  

Relax into your senses with

House of Masani-Suli oil and incense.

Shadow on Concrete Wall

I had to find a way to honor the man who welcomed me into the wonderful world of luxury fragrance. His name is Suliman. He nourished the community with his sacred oils for over 55 years. He took me under his wing and taught me so much about oils. Before he passed he endowed me with a serious collection of some of his rarest finds. He would often remind me that most people will go their entire life never smelling the finest fragrances the earth has to offer.

House of Masani-Suli is my tribute to his legacy and all of the wisdom he poured into me.

Peace be upon him.

Manatho Shumba Masani, Owner

Masani-Suli Logo
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