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...Meet the Giraffe Maker...

MANATHO SHUMBA MASANI & CANIMALS! handcrafted sculpture™ 

On display and performing live Saturday and Sunday at Eastern Market,
corner of 7th and C Street SE WDC, 20003
from 9 am to 4:30 pm.
Get Canimals! is an umbrella company to many artistic expressions. Manatho Shumba Masani, master artist, fragrance connoisseur, and world arts merchant provides the community with eclectic and unique creations that stimulate the senses and arouse the curious to peak deeper into their own inner muse. 

Artist Shumba Masanis' vivid imagination, surrounding influences and incredulous ability to see beyond the surface, transcend words. His wondrous creations takes sustainability and going green to another level, breaking barriers and sculpting innovation. His work inspires environmental, economic and social justice. Changing the lens and shifting the perspective about what ART is... to what it CAN be.

Artist reincarnated in many forms, instrumentalist, performance artist, composer, writer, perfumer, historian, astrologist, illustrator,  sculptor, importer, and business man - renaissance man, mostly genius. When asked how he got his start, Shumba will tell you that he started playing drums at 7. Drumming simply came easily to him, he mentions. He  also began drawing at this time; simultaneously creating his own cartoon characters to round out his creative expression.


In his teen years he started experimenting with fragrance and perfumery. He recalls his first experimentation with aromatics was taking paper squares and soaking them with different air freshener scents he could find around the house. His curiosity for experiencing beauty was endless. Whether through poetry, fragrance, painting, sculpture, melody and rhythm, Shumba was a scientist and these early years proved to be just the beginning of his artistry. 

Now, a landmark in the fine arts community, Canimals! receives a steady supply of empties and love from enthusiastic supporters both locally and abroad. 

His colorful giraffes made with cut-up cans and copper wire are a must see at Eastern Market in Washington, DC. Some Canimals! are petite. Others stand 10 feet tall.

In Zimbabwe, the Giraffe goes by the name Twiza (twee'zah), which means, "He who grazes from the Heavens". The giraffe is the tallest of all mammals with heads that can tower 20 feet! Their long necks and keen eyesight are powerful symbols for seeing what is coming ahead.


When asked why he started making Giraffes,

Shumba just smiles and says,

"Giraffes make the best of friends."


Photo courtesy of Kind Image 2019

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