Shumba Masani



Artist Shumba Masani's vivid imagination, surrounding influences and incredulous ability to see beyond the surface transcend words as his wondrous creations takes sustainablitly and going green to another level, breaking barriers of the complexities of what we now call nature.



Artist reincarnated in many forms, instrumentalist, performance artist, composer, writer, perfumer, historian, astrologist, illustrator,  sculptor, importer, and business man - renaissance man, mostly genius. When asked how he got his start, Shumba will tell you that he started playing drums at 7. Drumming simply came easily to him, he mentions. He also began drawing; creating his own cartoon characters simultaneously with his expression through music. 







© 2020 Canimals! handcrafted sculpture by Shumba Masani   

made from soda cans, beer cans, any kind of can!   E:  IG: follow @giraffe_maker

"Canimals! They're Can-tastic!"         





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